Sunday, January 24, 2010

The BoB Hunt

The BoB Hunt is a hunt for the men. Prizes include underwear and tanktops.

The hunt runs January 25th - Febuary 14.

Hunt rules:
  1. Don't spam the group
  2. Respect the store owners and other hunters
  3. Please do not give surls to the location of the hunt object
  4. Respect stores that did not wish to give a hunt hint

This hunt could not happen without our wonderful Underwear police. Thank you guys so much for being a part of the hunt. In alphabetical order here are our wonderful Underwear Police (aka hunt locations)

.44 Caliber
4 Arsenic
Aregnt Orange
ConCrete Flowers
Dijnn & Tonic
Fear & Clothing
Figure 8
Get Butch
Hate This
MF Designs
SiXX Designs
Wicked tattoos

Hunt Hints:

Note the blank spaces means there is no hint yet.

1.: Open your Eyes.
2: No hint given
3: dropped out skip to 4
4: She Traded her seven men and an apple for this box
5: the box it's just at the permanent building, just uptairs
6: chilling with its homies
7: I'm tucked next to things that wouldn't hurt your wallet.
8: It's obvious
9: Hidden where one isnt supposed to look, This box is in plain sight
11: Press my button. There is no A in hunt (note this hunt object is a button not the same box)
12: take another look before you go
13: A "humpty-dumpty" clothing rack is wearing the item on his "neck".
16: If you can't find the gift, look for a big helping hand.
17: it's aimed high and to the left, so I'm ducking low and to the right.
18: Look for a bluebird of happiness.
19: Hoolala, hello there, ladies!
20: Hunts are tiresome, why not put your feet up and relax
21: No hunt given
22: Not hint will be given
23: Even if you walk through the circle, you still have to turn around.
24: Look near something "Dark Green"
25: Its just placed between two walls
26: This is an underwear hunt, where else would I be?
27: look to the right and be brief about it
29: Set Your Head Up !


  1. sorry just noticed the slurl to #2 and #4 are the same

  2. your welcome - the hunt gifts have been blogged too ;)thank you for this hunt, big thank you too to all participating stores for their gifts :)

  3. HI Gabe,
    #14 has no item in it and is not for sale and searching for siXX Designs (which is #15) takes you to an empty store.
    Also # 23 LM in the box from #22 takes you back to #21.
    Rors =D

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